We partner with top venture partners & credited institutions around the world to offer intensive investor education programs for aspiring angels and venture capitalists.


Who fit this?

Anyone who wants to discover and master venture investment

What will you learn

The basic root of VC philosophy

What to expect as a VC/Angel Investor

The key stakeholders

The VC job cycle

Careers in VC world

Over the past 30 years, venture capital has been a vital source of financing for high-growth start-ups. Venture capital has become an essential driver of economic value. The first module helps to pull the curtain back and make you understand what VCs actually do and how they create value

Building investment thesis

Creating fund strategy

Understanding fund legal and financial structure

VC Fee Structure

In the second module, we cover areas related to establishing a venture capital fund: from defining your thesis to successfully creating the fund’s legal structure. Our goal is to make you better at understanding your unique value proposition, formulating your investment strategy. We help you understand the VC landscape in Asia and help you find your spot in the start-up financing value chain.

How do VC invest?

Prepare a due diligence process

What do you expect when investing as a VC?

Term Sheet Highlights

The Case of Convertible Note

The goal of the third module is to make you understand the core of VC investment activities as well as show you the methods to find and select companies that fit your investment strategy and make up for your desired portfolio.

How to grow your portfolio companies as a VC?

Follow-On Rounds

Capital Reserve


A typical VC fund has a life of up to 10 years. A lot can happen in a decade, and you can’t avoid every threat. However, with proper business and financial planning as well as risk mitigation practices, you can come prepared to the battlefield. In the forth module, you learn both about the front-end as well as the back-end of the VC business. We discuss value-creation strategies to grow your portfolio

Choosing the right exit strategy
for VC firms

Understanding current exit landscape


Initial Public Offering

Return the Fund

If investments are a VC’s bread-and-butter, exits are the business’ holy grail. During the final module, we discuss the importance of exit planning, discover various exit paths, and talk about current market trends. To help you choose the right exit strategy for your portfolio companies, we also present best practices and failures to avoid.

What can you gain

This sharing is not about passive learning. Participants will be hands-on and will be equipped with a toolkit that they can apply and the network to stay in beyond the program.

Meet our experts

Tien Nguyen
CEO of Wiziin Inc.

11 years working as serial entrepreneur, investor and strategy Researcher in Europe, SEA and China

Brendan McKittrick
Chairman at HBAN, Dubai

35 years of experience in many roles in two dozen countries, in both large corporations and self-started entrepreneurial ventures, and loves experiencing the cultural diversity due to his travels.

Patrick Vernon
Director of Venture Initiatives at UNC | Kenan-Flagler

20 years of teaching venture capital and entrepreneurial strategy, also author of best book of VC called “Venture Capital Strategy: How to Think Like a Venture Capitalist”

John Phelan
National Director HBAN

20+ years experience in venture investment with over €125m invested directly in Ireland, UK & USA

David Galipeau
Founding Partner at SDGx

35 years veteran of a hybrid business commercial career within the finance, publishing, and digital technology in Canada, Europe and Asia both as a corporate executive, dotcom entrepreneur and social business innovator.

Amir Weitmann
Managing Partner of Champel Capital

10+ years working in venture investment and his VC owns 2 unicorn exit

Kevin Ryan
Director, ASEAN at Enterprise Ireland

Highly motivated, results-driven senior business development manager with 20+ years experience in B2B and B2C service companies.

Christian Walter
Founding Partner at SDGx

10+ years working in Innovation, Digital Transformation & Strategy across Europe and APAC

Know your instructor

Tien Nguyen


• Tien Nguyen is an angel investor and venture capital fund manager with many years of experience in fund operations in Ireland and Europe. Tien’s interests are technology-intensive, renewable energy, biotechnology and new materials. He is also a serial entrepreneurial experienced in education technology, digital loyalty program, IT outsourcing, renewable energy, IOT and biotech.

• At the same time, he is the Founder and CEO of Wiziin Inc., an AI-based Investment Platform that helps VCs and angel investors make better decisions and manage their portfolios.

• He graduated with a Master’s degree from National University of Ireland, majoring in Strategy under the Irish Government’s Full Fellowship program. He participated as a guest lecturer and studied Business Strategy at Grenoble University and Tsinghua University (Beijing).

How we work

Our partcipants’ experiences speak for themselves

Start-up CEOs, Founders, Aspiring VC share their experiences.

As the General Manager of a startup/SME, I consider VVCP to be successful as a deep and practical knowledge sharing program that is suitable for many audiences at different levels. Thanks to VVCP, I can see a big picture for my company’s timeline in the next 5 years.
Anyone, no matter what team or position, when they see themselves in the middle of the big picture, will help that business, and that individual, go faster.
So I highly recommend this course for those of you who are at the CEO level, founders, and seniors who want to grow further in venture journey

Lien Nguyen / General Manager, Harvest Baking