The dedication to venture capital

Venture Capital is fueling the growth of entrepreneurs all around Asia. You help them make dream come true. We want to help you to be at the top of your game.

Why we do this

We are living in an era of entrepreneur.
Vietnam’s startup ecosystem is rising which produced several local success stories as well as venture deals continuously growing of all sizes. While there are many passionate and driven entrepreneurs, there are not as many supportive investors, especially in this emerging market. That’s why we started the Vietnam Venture Capital Program which is extremely focused on value creation and high-quality connection

Our mission

Raising proper awareness about Venture Investment market

Developing investment skills, appraisal and strategy in the industry.

Build a regular exchange community about VC

How we do

We share

We are building a thoughtful program. We want VC professionals to share their know-how and experience to create better market practices to reinforce the development of South East Asia entrepreneur ecosystems.

We inspire

We run sharing programs for VC professionals to help them understand the full venture lifecycle. Every batch we invite up to 20 people to participate in our main program and learn from the best experts in fields of fund structuring, investments, portfolio management, and exits. Besides, we also do numerous satellite sharing & side chat for any VC-holic to join this emerging waves.

We connect

We are building a community of enablers and multipliers called Vietnam Venture Capital Network.Can’t join the program but interested in our elite network? Learn more here

Who is behind